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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 19, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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department of public works and state highway administration were forced to close down the three left lanes of the outer loop between wilkens avenue and the 695/95 split. a 12-inch watermain blew this afternoon buckling the interstate and cutting off water to at least a dozen homes and a nearby school. >> we have a 12-inch main. is it something we can handle? yeah. it will probably be fixed if all goes well overnight. >> reporter: not as large as other recent breaks but by the looks of the traffic could affect plenty more people. both dpw and state highway anticipate the lane closures will cause havoc on the outer loop for tonight's rush hour and even through tomorrow morning. an inevitability that has officials urging drivers to detour. >> we want to you get off at liberty road or i-70, get as far west as you can away from here. then come down route 100 or route 32, get down to 95 and work your way back up to the beltway. >> reporter: again, this is
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-- this is affecting tonight's commute and could very well affect tomorrow's commute. the advice, stay away from this part of 695 altogether. reporting live near arbutus, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> thank you. you can get more on the breaking news on and to get breaking news to your desktop or phone you can sign up for our breaking news e-mail alerts. as the u.s. military and united nations peacekeepers distribute supplies to the earthquake survivors they are trying to hold back looters. many haitians are still without help a week after the earthquake. the u.s. military says it's now using airdrops to get supplies to desperate haitians because troops weren't able to reach some areas quickly. tonight, a week after the destructive quake hit abc2 is teeming up with the american red cross to help those in need. this is our telethon, "help for
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haiti." call the number at 410-481-2222, to make a donation to the american red cross for relief and rescue efforts in haiti. more on the telethon in a minute but first, linsey davis has more. >> reporter: one week later things are changing. from rescue to recovery, fear to anguish, those who made it through the earthquake itself now trying to survive hunger and disease. 1.5 million people, the entire population of philadelphia, lost their homes. security forces are out on the streets to control sporadic outbursts of violence. more international aid continues to arrive in the haitian capital. distribution improved but there's still difficulties getting aid from the port-au-prince airport to the place that's need it most. on monday some 15,000 meals and water were dropped to a secure airfield, troops distributed
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them on the ground. >> we're employing all our resources as fast as we can. >> reporter: aid hasn't arrived here, but 3,000 refugees are anticipating help. so much so they've built a makeshift helicopter landing pad on what used to be a basketball court. >> if a helicopter wants to land down to give us something, i don't know what it is, we're ready to receive it here. >> reporter: more u.s. troops continue to arrive. navy helicopters with several dozen soldiers landed on the grounds of the damaged presidential palace today. and 53 haitian orphans who spent several days without food and water after their orphanage was destroyed were flown out of the country to pittsburgh today. most of them will remain in the u.s. with their new families. an incredible story here. just today rescue crews pulled a 60-year-old woman from the rubble of the national cathedral. she was alive. dehydrated but thought to be ok.
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other rescue teajts -- attempts are still ongoing. at home the donations continue to pour into the american red cross to help the quake victims. people from all walks of life have been touched by the suffering and want to help. roosevelt leftwich was with the red cross this afternoon, is live at our "help for haiti" phone bank and joins with us more. >> reporter: i'm at the phone bank now. let's put up the number. it's 1-410-481-2222. volunteers are standing by. you got to call this number. 410-481-222. we're not talking about a large sum. the donations have been coming in from all over. gifts range from a few thousand dollars from a large church to a few bucks from small children. everyone wants to help here. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: it's perhaps one of the busiest places in the city now, phones ringing off the hook every few minutes. >> on-line it's easy.
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it's redcross-cmd >> reporter: people don't just want to help, they need to, the images they see on tv is making them open their wallets, piggy banks and credit cards as they seek out to ease the suffering. >> this is a very caring community. i like to refer to it as they have a passion for compassion. they want to help and do something. we've had numerous folks come in and bring in contributions they either collected at churches or from neighbors. we had a cub scout troop bringing in over $600 today that they had collected from grocery stores. >> reporter: you can see from the pictures that the red cross is right in the middle of things. they are one of the few organizations that can boast that 100% of your donation will go to help haiti but something unusual is happening here. >> when should we have these back? >> reporter: for the past few days just about every half-hour someone seems to come in and want to help.
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these women are from so you sojourner douglas college. >> our hearts go out to the people in haiti. we think, what if it was us? >> students sometimes don't have a lot of money to donate but a what they have they are willing to help. >> reporter: a half-hour after they left this pastor brought in something from his small church. >> on sunday we decided to bring the offering. it's a small church but we have a good donation. >> good. thank you so much. >> how much did you pledge? >> $500. >> reporter: as you can see, people from all walks of life have been touched by the disaster and want to help. this is your chance to help as well, too. we have the phone bank here, volunteers are standing by. the hotline number is 410-481-22 2. 410-481-2222.
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we have peter rosenwald here with the american red cross. you mentioned something, you said a little bit of rain can fill up a bucket. you don't have to give a lot. whatever you have you can give. >> that's right. the people of haiti really need it right now. i've been a volunteer with the red cross for almost 10 years now and i found the people of central maryland have been incredibly generous in times of these great disasters. we've seen that again right now. checks in support are coming in, all types of different donations to help the red cross to be able to help the people of haiti. >> reporter: the thing about the red cross, too, if you give money to haiti it goes to haiti. doesn't go anywhere else, it goes to help haiti. >> 100% of each dollar is going to help the people in haiti. there's no money taken out for any administrative expense at all. every dollar, you know, will support a family, a mother, a child in need. >> reporter: we're talking about simple things, too. we're talking about water,
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we're talking about food. you saw from the video, the red cross volunteers had medical centers set up. there's a lot of need down there. >> that's right. this need isn't going to go away. we're not talking about weeks or months. we're talking about years. it's going to take a long time to be able to help the haitian people rebuild the lives that were taken away exactly a week ago almost to the hour. >> reporter: peter rosenwald with the american red cross. once again, it's 410-481-2222. get the volunteers busy, they are busy now, but like i said, just keep calling, you'll get through. if you want to give thousands, give thousands. if you want to just give spare change, give spare change but 100% goes to relief efforts in haiti and it will help an awful lot of people. back to kelly in the studio. i'll take it. it looks like the drive is going well there. we love to see that.
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we want to keep the phones ringing, that's for sure. to talk about the weather, overall it's been another extremely mild day by january standards. we were up around 60 degrees in many spots today. i'll show you a few numbers on the map. you can see 58, the high so far at bwi marshall. it's probably the warmest we'll see today obviously but 59, pushing 60 in dc. unusual by january standards. a few passing clouds at times today. if we had a little more sunshine i'm sure we would have gotten to 60, but passing clouds tonight. we should stay dry, a breeze from the north cools off things tomorrow. i think a decent wednesday but not as mild. we'll talk about the kinds of temperatures you can expect on your wednesday and also look ahead to the ends of the week, when the next wintry weathermaker moves in. coming up. looks like the state has a plan to make up for its $2 billion budget shortfall.
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maryland will shift nearly a billion dollars from capital projects and the state will have to pay interest with it for years to come. governor martin o'malley unveiled his proposed spending plan for 2011 today. also relying on federal stimulus dollars to help balance the budget. the plan also includes $20 million in tax credits for companies that hire unemployed workers. >> what we have to be all about this session is doing everything in our power to create jobs, to protect jobs, to save jobs. >> under the proposed plan the state would eliminate more than 200 jobs of which 44 are currently filled. looks like education is on president obama's agenda today. in an elementary school in virginia he announced he's asking congress for more than a million dollars to keep an education grant program going. the ways to the top program is an effort to reach out to low-performing schools across the nation. >> we're going to raise the bar nor all our students and take bigger steps towards closing
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the achievement gap that denies so many students, especially black and latino students, a fair shot at their dreams. we'll open up opportunity, evenly and equitably across our education system. >> under the race to the top program states must change education laws and policies to be eligible to apply for the federal dollars. a special election in massachusetts as the battle to succeed the late senator ted kennedy heads to the polls. find out what democrats need the states attorney general to win today. a mystery tonight. the poe visitor a no-show. and again, abc2 joins live with the american red cross to help in haiti. the number to call is 410-481-2222. to donate to those in desperate need of help, it's easy, just pick up the phone and call.
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a faithful visitor for 60 years but today the infamous poe toaster never showed up to honor the famous poet's birthday. joce sterman has reaction. this is a shocker. >> reporter: that's right, every january poe fans weight for the anonymous visitor to show up. he brings flowers and a bottle of cognac. this time he was a no-show. >> reporter: the dark stranger who appeared at the gravesite for a half century leaving cognac and roses, never says a word. this year the poe toaster made quite a statement by not showing up. >> the closer we got to 5:30 the more i was thinking, wait a minute, this guy might not show up. this is the year he's not coming. >> reporter: at the break of dawn the grave site was still bare, disappointing those who gathered including cynthia and her husband, they flew in from chicago to see the annual visit they read so much about. >> we're more disappointed the tradition has been broken.
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it's disheartening. we hope that he comes back, we really hope he does. >> reporter: the poe museum curator isn't sure he will. after showing up consistently for years this mysterious end may be just what the toaster wanted, to leave his fans in suspense. >> something out of a poe story, exactly. maybe this was the intent of the person. not to leave notes or any indication but just to stop it and it's another poe mystery that people will be talking about for many, many years. >> reporter: people are already talking. tossing around theories about who makes the annual treck and why they stopped. but no one knows for sure. jerome, for his part, hopes the visitor takes his secret to the grave. >> i want the magic and the mystery to continue. >> reporter: a special celebration is planned for this weekend to honor poe's birthday, it will be steps from his grave site at westminster hall. no word on whether the mysterious visitor will be making a cameo. joce sterman, abc2 news.
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wow. that is interesting, joce. 53 now at the airport. we have humidity at 48%. light north breeze but on the whole a pretty decent-looking day. in fact temperaturewise we were up near 60 earlier today. i want to show you a little bit of the weather. we had a little more cloud cover today. a nice night in the inner harbor but through the day today blue skies at times, also cloud cover rolling in out of the west. weather getting a little more active as we push towards tomorrow but i think we still stay dry. parkville, temperatures up around 60. if we had a little more sunshine it would have been even warmer. currently across the area, around 50. 51 baltimore. 49 clarksville. 46 cockeysville. but the high temperatures today, just so impressive, arnold was up to 60. silver spring 61. just mild stuff.
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very mild by january standards. this morning it was chilly. we got down to 28 but no matter, we had a mild pattern, mild air mass in place, that was a lot of sunshine that you see did make it through the clouds. bounced us up to 5 58 degrees. an impressive warm-up, even with the sunshine we had. still found 60s across much of virginia. things beginning to change around here though as we go into the day tomorrow. cool front on the way out of the west, it will drop the temperatures probably into the mid to upper 40s through the day tomorrow. you see the thin clouds coming in from of the -- the west now. not a lot of active weather across maryland but off to the west we find things beginning to brew just a little bit. you can see the cool front draped across west virginia back towards kentucky. still a dry day ahead of the front but as we go into tomorrow we'll see at times passing clouds. the biggest thing you'll notice is a chillier breeze and temperatures while still above average i think we're looking at mid-40s, not so much to
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mid to upper 50s to near 60 which is what we had today. things begin to change tomorrow but change more so towards the tail end of the week. you can see that on the forecast model, things more active to the south and west. as we go into thursday we're watching our next storm system developing. the track is the key to the forecast toward the end of the week, right now looking like thursday night into friday we'll bring up the precipitation and if there's enough cold air mixing in it could be rain mixed with snow but that should hold off until late thursday and into friday. a breeze beginning to pick up out of the north as the cool front slides through, that means cooler tomorrow, mid-40s but still above average. still decent for the middle part of january. 29 tomorrow night. clouds will be on the increase, could see a shower overnight tomorrow night but most of that will hold off until thursday night into friday. that weather system could bring with it a wintry mix especially overnight thursday into friday.
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we're watching it but one positive thing here, i don't see any brutal cold coming in over the next six, seven days. tonight we're doing our part to help the survivors of that devastating earthquake in haiti. abc2 set up a phone bank in conjunction with scripps, our parent company, and the american red cross. roosevelt leftwich is live in studio b with staff from the red cross. how is it going? >> reporter: going pretty well but let's make it go even better. put the number on the screen. 410-481-2222. that's 410-481-2222. we're helping raise money tonight for the american red cross and relief efforts in haiti. we'll have -- volunteers are busy but keep calling. we have people calling in, quite a few donations coming in now. this telethon is done in conjunction with all the scripps stations across the chain as we try to raise money to help the folks in haiti. it's the american red cross, there's nothing better. they get there, they've been able to work and get a lot of
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relief to a lot of people already but this is an effort that is going to take years to do. frank miller is with us, with the maryland red cross. i'm telling you, i was out there earlier today, people were just bringing money into the red cross to make sure it goes to haiti. this is what this community does, people, as you said, have a passion for compassion. >> that's right. traditionally the baltimore community has been very supportive, whether the tsunami, katrina, whatever. folks want to help. they come to the red cross. we're a mechanism for utilizing that help to get the assistance to the people that need it most. >> reporter: we're talking a lot of churches, like sunday, took an extra collection or so to help the folks in haiti. you were telling me about boy scouts that -- cub scouts. >> the little ones. >> reporter: tell me about that. >> they went out, the parents took them out, they went to some of the giant and super fresh, collected money, brought it to the red cross, ended up being over $600 that these little cub scouts spent all day
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saturday afternoon collecting. inspirational stories as you well know. you heard the story of the homeless shelter, they collected money from the homeless people and gave us $14 to 65 cents. everyone cried when we got that gift. >> reporter: people understand there are people less fortunate than them and there is a desperate need in haiti. you see the pictures every night. some of the video we showed earlier. you saw the red cross volunteers. the red cross is johnny on the spot when stuff like this happens. >> that's right. we mobilize worldwide to respond. like i've told you earlier we have medical teams from mexico, france and colombia there working. i think one of the side items i would like to tell folks about, the red cross is picking up 100 volunteers from the miami area that speak creole french.
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they need that for translation. there's a whole worldwide network that responds when things happen. baltimore is a major part of it. >> reporter: exactly. from the funds to volunteers. there's just a lot -- look at the folks here. they've been working the phones and stuff like that. this is a big community effort, not just this community but a community of the nation pretty much. >> that's right. baltimore, we like to say leads the way. >> reporter: that's frank miller jr. with the american red cross. let's put up the number again, 410-481-2222. call, make the volunteers, make them very busy. we want to see the pencils worn down to stubs and pens run dry of ink because all the money you give will go directly to relief efforts in haiti. back to you. >> thank you. an unconventional billboard is getting a lot of attention but not necessarily the kind that was intended. find out why drivers are rushing to call 911 about the bill board.
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our look at news around the nation takes us to connecticut where this billboard over i-95 is turning heads. concerned drivers have been calling 911. drivers think the mannequin and giant teddy bear on top of the billboard are real. they've actually been there now for about two months. the advertiser, a bmw dealership says it's received only a few complaints and actually they said the business has picked up. a goat rammed its way into a california strip club and it was all caught on tape. >> if i didn't see it myself on
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the surveillance tapes i wouldn't have believed it either. >> the owners suspect the animal saw its reflection in the mirror and got aggressive. once inside the goat appears to spend a half-hour looking around and checking out his reflection. he was eventually chased out by a man who heard the break-in. ahead at 5:30, more from haiti. including the story of an american family's emotional wait for their adoptive daughter who was stranded in the country. and, remember, abc2 and the american red cross teeming up today to get help for haiti. all you have to do is call 410-481-2222. to donate to the american red cross to help with relief and rescue efforts.
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